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Our glorious journey began 24 years back in 1990 when Eclipse launched its cautery in India. Technology, back then, had limitations and scope was little. Still we stuck to our ideals of providing an import substitute, reliable product at par with international standards and ensured complete customer satisfaction. Since then, the times have changed, we have changed too.

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The experience

Keeping intact the operational simplicity, trustworthy performance enhancing technology was incorporated and Prism moved it to Ultra-sophistication and world class standards


The team

Walking down the road of visionary foundation laid by two brothers, Milind and Yogesh Nagare, for 20 years to success, in 2011 Prism was established after the dedicated pursuing of seed idea since 2007. It was the brand extending concept contributed by the vision of two young brothers, Rohan and Priyal Nagare, of the Next generation. Both being graduates from IIT are committed to bring modern medical technology to India and deliver globally competent comprehensive solutions endorsed with Indian as well as International quality standards for medical establishments.

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A bright future

Our combined experience of over 25 years makes us understand the significance of integrating technology, comfort, cost saving and sustainable development together. And this makes us believe in delivering it as a reality called Product.


Make in India – Our innovative spirit

Several engineers are exclusively charged with the continuous development of our product range. Further we have a complex optic and electronic expert network in place.

Make in India

Product design

A close cooperation with industrial designers ensures functional and at the same time elegantly looking lighting systems. The construction of our lamps reflects market demands such as cost effectiveness, durability in daily medical practice, ease of mounting and ease of maintenance.



Through trained regional agents we provide a nationwide service offering immediate reaction and professional support. We look forward to hearing from you for further inquiries or information.

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