Luminox Dual Dome Smart + Standard Plus

With 6 mechanical maneuvering movements, horizontal extension arm and C-shaped support arm, this OT light provides ‘Lock-Free’ 360 degrees rotations. It has increased optical efficiency due to its unique non-planar LED module based design and enhanced deep-cavity light beam penetration.

SPECIFICATIONPrinciple Dome (LX SMART)Satellite Dome (LX STD PLUS)
Central Illuminance1,60,000 LUX at 1m (Max)1,25,000 LUX at 1m (Max)
LED Type/Number Multi-coloredMulti-colored
LED Life50,000 hours50,000 hours
Colour Temperature3500 - 5500 K3500 - 5500 K
Full Spectrum CRI95 Ra95 Ra
R9 Factor - Redness Coefficient9393
Light Head Diameter700 mm700 mm
Dimming Range10% - 100% LUX10% - 100% LUX
Depth of Illumination65 cm + 65 cm60 cm + 60 cm
Light Field Diameter150 mm - 300 mm150 mm - 300 mm
Increase in Temp. near Surgeon's Head AreaLess than 2 DegreeLess than 2 Degree
No. of LEDs7236
No. of Overlapping light beams >2500>600
Operating SMART Modes6363
ENDO MODEWarm + Cool / 2 ModesWarm + Cool / 2 Modes
SafetyPFA, MOSFET protectionPFA, MOSFET protection
Focusing Area12 VDC SMPS/ 150 Watts/ Inbuilt Stabilizer12 VDC SMPS/ 150 Watts/ Inbuilt Stabilizer

RF Remote/ Wall control panel; Extra arm for Monitor; Extra arm for Camera; Dual suspension spring arm system

All types of general surgeries, orthopedic surgeries, gynaec surgeriesand oncology

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