Luminox Dual Dome Standard + Standard Plus

The most efficient and versatile shadowless LED OT light designed for tropical markets, it is one of the most popular models with large number of installations since its inception into the market. It has 81 operating modes and variable color temperature.

SPECIFICATIONStandard DomeStandard Plus Dome
Central Illuminance1,25,000 LUX1,25,000 LUX
LED Life50,000 hours50,000 hours
Colour Temperature3700 - 5000 K3700 - 5000 K
Full Spectrum CRI95 Ra95 Ra
Depth of Illumination100 cm100 cm
Increase in Temp. near Surgeon's Head AreaLess than 2 DegreeLess than 2 Degree
No. of LEDs3636
No. of Overlapping light beams >600>600
Operating SMART Modes6363
ENDO MODEWarm + Cool / 2 ModesWarm + Cool / 2 Modes
SafetyPFA, MOSFET protectionPFA, MOSFET protection
Power Consumption12V/20A12V/20A

Wireless remote/wall mount control panel ; Customised extra arm for mounting VESA complaint monitors ; Customised arms system for medical grade SD/HD recording cameras ; Medical grade bio-compatible sterile handles.

All type of general surgeries; Orthopaedic surgeries; Gynaec surgeries; Oncology

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