Luminox Standard

Efficency & versitality are the USPs of this product. Designed primarily for tropical markets, it operates in 81 different modes. It supports full spectrum colour rendition & is also compatible with laminar flow. It’s ability to show 5 different mechanical movements gives the user effortless 360 degree maneuvering. It’s quality & simplicity have made it one of the most popular models available in the market.

Central Illuminance1,25,000 LUX
LED Type/Number
LED Life50,000 hours
Colour Temperature3700-5000 K
Full Spectrum CRI95 Ra
R9 Factor - Redness Coefficient
Light Head Diameter
Dimming Range
Depth of Illumination
Light Field Diameter
Increase in Temp. near Surgeon's Head Area< 2 degree Celcius
No. of LEDs
No. of Overlapping light beams
Power Consumption12V/20A

Wireless remote/wall mount control panel ; Customised extra arm for mounting VESA complaint monitors ; Customised arms system for medical grade SD/HD recording cameras ; Medical grade bio-compatible sterile handles.

All types of general surgeries, orthopedic surgeries, gynaec surgeriesand oncology

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